PEI & Nova Scotia, Canada

We traveled nearly 1200 miles while in Canada, exploring the National Parks, the beaches, the ocean and the mountains. Of course, we visited Green Gables and toured the house and Haunted Woods. We even camped one night at Cape Breton…in the back of a short car. Not planning on doing that again.

The weather was much cooler than Texas. And the occasional rain shower made some days very low key. Perfect for reading or sleeping, and then taking a nice walk along the beach. There’s something about being near and/or on water that makes you forget the chill. Below, JB couldn’t stay out of the water and ended up soaking wet and cold.

Learning a new place is fun for us and we try to do things that aren’t just touristy. We drank the local milk, which is probably the best tasting milk I’ve ever had. We hunted and collected beach glass, and we went to the yearly Beach Glass Festival. On one of our beach glass hunts, Robert found an intact Bayer Asprin bottle roughed up from the waves and sand that looks to date from the early 1930’s. We  ate deep fried food, which is how they cook most things. I had a girl laugh in my face when I asked for something a little bit healthier. She told me, “We deep fry everything.” That’s not true. They do not deep fry ice cream.

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  • Linda Fergusson

    Hey Daphne – great pictures! First day back for us and so nice to see the beach and places you went to visit. Cape Breton looks fabulous. Once again we did not get over there. Pat and Jane really enjoyed visiting with you all – they said Jonathan was such a great kid!

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