Our vacation ended, and now we are trying to catch up on rest. Hard to do when there are birthdays to celebrate and work to return to. Not to mention, preparing for homeschool.

Canada was beautiful but wet. It rained most every day we were there, though not all day. We walked the beaches, camped and hiked at Cape Breton – gorgeous – and toured several places: Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables, the sand dunes, and the museum at Basin head, Charlottetown, and the beach in front of the house where we stayed. Durning our trip, we spotted eagles, a black bear, and a moose and her calf. The scent of wild roses accompanied us on our hikes through the National Parks, as well as mosquitoes, which were bad only on one part of our hike (the longest).

Having read Anne of Green Gables as a young girl, I loved our visit to Green Gables. Below is Lucy Maud Montgomery’s childhood home.

Lucy Maud Montgomery Home, PEI, Canada

Midweek, we headed over to Nova Scotia for a little hiking and camping. The weather was cool and wet, but the Cape Breton was beautiful. Skyline Trail took us to the Atlantic where we watched the storm scatter across the sea.

Skyline Trail, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

On our way back to PEI, we stopped for breakfast. Some of the best coffee I’ve had I got here. Their blueberry muffin paired nicely with my coffee.

Favorite coffee in Iverness, Nova Scotia, Canada

This is the house we stayed in on PEI. Right on the beach. Lovely spot.

Vacation house, JB

My son in the Atlantic.

Rocking it. PEI, Canada

The image below is from our last day in Canada.

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