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Bees, Butterflies, and Wild Blackberries & Plums

Although winter never really set in, the trees still lost their leaves and they’ve remained, gray and crunchy, on the floor of the woods. Over the last week or so spring like has encouraged budding and blooming around our home. The white flowers of the wild blackberries and wild plums stand out against the trees, which have only begun to bud. Below, a female Black Swallowtail drinks from the Wild Mexican Plum.

Female Black Swallowtail on Wild Mexican Plum
Female Black Swallowtail on Wild Mexican Plum

Wild blackberries are growing all over our land. Unfortunately, most grow in the middle of poison ivy. This year I hope to move some from an area without poison ivy to my garden.

Wild Blackberry Bud

In the image below, the tiny insect only revealed itself to me through the lens. Very humbling to experience and understand that there is so much to see. How much else am I missing? For this reason, I’m loving my macro.

Wild Blackberry with cool looking insect
Wild Blackberries with cool looking insect
Wild Blackberries and one of my bees
Wild Blackberry Buds
Wild Blackberry vine and bee

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