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    Josh M.

    I’ve watched this young man grow into the person he is today. I am so proud to have known him since the day he was born. Set to graduate this spring, he will continue with his schooling. He tells me he wants to be in the computer field. As you can see from the photos, Josh plays guitar. He’s only picked it up recently, teaching himself how to play. What a remarkable individual he is! Congratulations Josh!

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    Tyler T.

    After graduation, Tyler plans to head to Grand Canyon University to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. He loves cars and working on them. As bright as this young man is, the sky is the limit for him. I wish…

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    I.T. is this remarkably talented young man. This past year he was selected along with a small number of other high school area artists to display their work at the DMA. When not creating physical art, he and his band…

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    Summer is an amazing and very accomplished art student. We headed to Dallas for her shoot in and around Deep Ellum. IĀ had a blast photographing her. Absolutely loved the various looks she has. It’s easy to see the beauty within…

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    Meet Jordan. Senior 2016. We photographed her in her mother’s hometown. After graduation, she’d heading to college. As of yet, she hasn’t decided on a major. Having read her articles for the high school newspaper and hearing her play the…

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    Our vacation ended, and now we are trying to catch up on rest. Hard to do when there are birthdays to celebrate and work to return to. Not to mention, preparing for homeschool. Canada was beautifulĀ but wet. It rained most…